Low-maintenance, easy-to-clean touch screen units with

pre-loaded games and digital signage opportunities

Offering great entertainment will make your laundromat the #1 choice for families!

Kidzpace games make providing fun easy with game systems that are great for all ages.

Family-rated games that are easy-to-play and fun for all ages.

No mess to tidy and easy operation for staff.

Easy to install and can be mounted to wall, countertop or a variety of free-standing, space-efficient options.

Run videos or display ads to promote products or services.


  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Tough, durable and secure
  • Games for all ages – from toddlers to adults and seniors
  • Digital signage opportunities
  • News and weather options available
  • 17 colors to complement any décor
  • Can be mounted to wall, counter or post

Need help deciding what would fit in your space? We can help you with designs and ideas!


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