Euro Wood

Euro Wood 400 400 Kidzpace Interactive Inc.

Euro Wood

The Euro Wood is a very versatile and durable locking cabinet with a more elegant look than the Euro Metal.  It will house Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Touch2Play game systems. Video game options come with 23” HD monitor, dual controllers, and a game system with pre-loaded games.

25”(63.5cm)w x 12.5”(31.8cm)d x 25.5”(64.8cm)h
  • Easy-to-clean & disinfect.
  • Tough, durable, secure.
  • Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch
  • With pre-loaded games.
  • Cabled or fixed controllers are attached to the cabinet for security.
  • Remote control for screen on/off and volume


  • Touch2Play Max is available in the Euro Wood cabinet so you can mix different game systems while maintaining a consistent look in a playroom or waiting area.
  • Wall mount – This is the most popular mounting option. Can be done above a table or counter top or just on the wall for a player standing or seated.
  • Post Mount/Multi-Mount – Touch2Play can be mounted 1 unit or 2 on a post. Economical way to install 2 units anywhere. Power is often brought down from the ceiling but it is also set up for floor access.
  • Triangle– See Triangle for more information.
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