About Us

Kidzpace is celebrating more than 30 years of providing exceptional products that entertain kids in commercial, professional and medical environments in the US, Canada and around the world.

Launched in 1992, Kidzpace founders wanted to make visits to the dentist more relaxing and enjoyable for kids. Providing arcade-type games in waiting rooms meant kids looked forward to their dental appointments and dentists found that more families were choosing their offices over others and that there were fewer late arrivals and cancelled appointments.

As more people saw the fun they could have while waiting at the dentist, more businesses started asking how Kidzpace could help entertain their customers, clients and patients.

30 years after the first games appeared in dental offices, Kidzpace products can be found anywhere where children are waiting or playing including restaurants, automotive dealerships, fitness facilities, libraries, laundromats, funeral homes, hospitals and professional and medical offices.

Always on top of the latest gaming trends, and recognizing the wear and tear that can happen in public settings, Kidzpace now designs and manufactures secure, durable and attractive cabinets to house the most popular video game consoles and the proprietary Touch2Play touch screen game units.

Over the last 3 decades, the company has been recognized by industry and entrepreneurial awards and was chosen as an approved supplier by McDonald’s restaurants.

Easy-to-clean and sanitize

With continued focus on high quality, easy-to-clean & sanitize, durable construction, innovative design and superior customer service, Kidzpace provides reliable, family-friendly entertainment for any environment where children want to have fun!

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