"We’ve had Kidzpace product for 15 years now and we love it! It’s interactive, the families love it, the kids love it, it’s certainly brought families to our restaurant and made our experience a lot better!
"We purchased Touch2Play games for one of our restaurants 5 years ago, We have them in the play area at our high volume restaurant and they've been great. We were so satisfied with them that we put them in our other store's when we remodeled. Our customers love them and they’ve been a welcome addition to our restaurant, We definitely recommend Kidzpace!

Kidzpace for Restaurants

Touch2Play products, by Kidzpace, are enjoyed by customers of all ages! The Pro, the Max, Table, Wall and the new Touch2Play Elite will keep them coming back and give you that all important edge over the competition. Reliable, durable, easy-to-clean & sanitize and cost effective Kidzpace products provide peace of mind while adding to the bottom line!

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