"We switched to Kidzpace touch screens after having had tablets; the tablets were not good as children are quite clever and would change settings, unplug the units and damage the screens. Kidzpace protective case prevents any unplugging or settings change and is practically indestructible, it's worth every penny.” Dr. Jennifer Chou
"All of our patients, even the parents love our game room. It gives them an area to have fun while waiting for their appointment. Kidzpace has created an atmosphere that keeps our patients happy, helping to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently.” Dr. George Sargiss, Freehold, NJ
"I would highly recommend Kidzpace for those doctors or professionals looking to help make your environment more kid friendly.” Dr. Corban Stettler, Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry, Colorado Springs, CO

Kidzpace for Professional Offices

Put your clients with children more at ease by making your office kid-friendly. Providing Kidzpace games to entertain young ones while parents in a meeting, means more business, less distraction. With no mess to clean up, Kidzpace easy-to-maintain and easy-to-clean & sanitize systems will be a welcome alternative to games, books and puzzles.

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