"I would highly recommend Kidzpace for those doctors or professionals looking to help make your environment more kid friendly.” Dr. Corban Stettler, Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry, Colorado Springs, CO
"As a former psychotherapist turned pediatric dentist, I know that distraction is key to dissolving anxiety. Kidzpace have been a great distraction to kids and anxious parents!” Robert T. Wade, MS, DDS
"I've been using Kidzpace products for 30 years in my practice, I think they're great products! I think every office needs to have these games, this is what kids come for; they want to play and they want to be entertained. If you want to stay in touch with reality you have to have these games!” Dr. Marshall Fleer

Kidzpace for Medical Offices

Families look forward to going to medical offices that have Kidzpace games to play before their appointments. Patients are more likely to show up on-time and will be more relaxed for their appointment when the waiting area includes exciting video and touch screen games. With no-mess to clean up, Kidzpace easy-to-clean and maintain systems will be a hit with staff as well!

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